MWM Dent Pulling Steel Spot Welder 3150001


MWM is very pleased to introduce her first Spot welder Steel Spot I (p/n. 3151000), multi-function spotter, designed to repair steel plate in body repair shops.

Steel Spot I works on main control microprocessor via a very simple encoder, which enables a simple, fast and intuitive machine regulation since all needful machine parameters are immediately visualized on a digital display.

Beyond traditional manual regulations, it is possible to choose among 5 pre-set programmes (easily adjustable to match each different customer’s need) each being clearly marked by single led light to carry out the most common parameter amendments. Once selected, these programmes allow a further adjustment of +/-9% in value.

Steel Spot I is supplied together with a welding gun and cable earth mm2000 long.

Steel Spot I is the best combination of versatility and professionality and the user can adapt the welder to each type of repair during daily routine in a car body shop.

Technical specification

Mains frequency 50/60 HZ
Mains preotection 16 A
Max welding output 11,1 kWA
Max secondary current 1800 A
Secondary no-load voltage 8 V
AC supply voltage 230 V
Weld time 0.5-99 Cycles
Protection rating IP21
Weight machine 19 kg

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