SPACE Vehicle Lift SDH 370.32


  • Perfect synchronization between carriages regardless of load distribution. Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of hydraulic pipe fracture
  • Self-controlled lowering speed
  • Mechanical safety latch with automatic engagement ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position.
  • Each column features a maintenance-free lifting cylinder. 
  • Synchronization cables grant the levelling of the two carriages.


SDH 370.32 / 3200 kg (CE)
SDH 370.40EX /4000 kg (ALI)

Three – stage short arms for asymmetric lifting of large vehicles. Min. pad height 90 mm.

SDH 370.32K / 3200 kg (CE)
SDH 370.40KEX / 4000 kg (ALI)

Arms suitable for quick drop-in extensions and other lifting accessories.

SDH 370.32R / 3200 kg (CE)
SDH 370.40REX/ 4000 kg (ALI)

Extra low profile arms, parallel to the floor. Double thread pads with a min. height of 80 mm only.

SDH 370.42K / 4200 kg (CE)
SDH 370.45KEX / 4500 kg (ALI)
SDH 370.50K / 5000 kg

Three-stage short arms and two-stage long arms provide asymmetric lifting of vans and off-road vehicles.

SDH 370.42LIK / 4200 kg (CE)
SDH 370.45LIKEX / 4500 kg (ALI)
SDH 370.50LIK / 5000 kg
SDH 370.55LIK / 5000 kg

Model equipped with four long three-stage arms: ideal to lift long wheel base vans and easy loading of cars.

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