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Ionstar anti static gun


The ONLY anti-static gum WITHOUT the need of a battery or external power feed. For perfect paintwork.

A compact and effective anti-static gun that works just like a blowgun. No nonsense no accessories. Compact, can reach everywhere, also in tight places, lightweight and equally effective in the expensive battery versions.

The gun made in Germany is very unique with an ionizing pen in the nozzle, which only needs compressed air to do its job! Gives you better, flawless paintwork, and much better color match on plastics and synthetic materials.

Removes anti static load with just compressed air!


  • IONSTAR neutralises electrostatic charge and cleans surfaces in a single work step.
  • IONSTAR generates a powerful jet of air that is high in positive and negative ions.
  • IONSTAR optimises the paint application process.
  • IONSTAR needs no power supply or batteries whatsoever – a worldwide unique innovation.
  • IONSTAR increases your bussiness’ efficiency and profitability.
  • IONSTAR reduces time and effort of your finishing work.
  • IONSTAR is light and extremely robust.

IONSTAR – EX certified according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and approved for use in spray booths

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