Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lifts
Liftius Scissor Alignment lift GC 4.5 M4

Available models GC-3.5 M4  GC-4.0 M4  GC-5.5 M4


Large platform scissor alignment lift
  • Low profile for on-ground installation. 
  • Low voltage control (24V).
  • With an antiknock valve and safety valve to ensure safety.
  • Optional choice for alignment or flat platform.
  • Perform stable and reliable.
  • Good synchronization and precise leveling for alignment.
  • The position of the turntable can be adjusted for various types of vehicles.
  • Optional to choose drive on-ramp to be on ground installation.

Technical specifications

gc-4-5-m4 drawing
gc-4-5-m4 drawing

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