Wheel Balancer

Wheel Balancer
Liftius Wheel Balancer GC 680


  • Special four modes, ALU-S universal aluminum alloy wheel rim internal paste mode, tire optimization
  •  The balance block split pattern – aluminum alloy wheel rim with the lead block is easy to damage the rim appearance, while the lead block is easy to paste the balance
  •  The measuring ruler is equipped with a balanced block mounting head to make it easy to paste the balance
  •  The automatic measuring tape adopts the import locator, which can accurately measure the distance, diameter, width, and data
  •  High precision machinery spindle ensures measurement accuracy
  •  Equipment with a fine tire cover that automatically opens the balance machinery
  •  Inches and millimeters; Gram and ounce conversion function
  •  Self-calibration and self-diagnosis fault function
  •  The optional extra-large cone and cone can balance the large hole series tires such as light truck


Max. Wheel Weight 100kg
Max. TIre Diameter 39"
Rim Diameter 30"
Rim Width 1.5" - 20"
Balancing Speed 120rpm
Balancing Accuracy 1kg
Power Supply 110V - 240V/ 1PH 50/60HZ
Measuring Time 6-8s
Gross Weight 164kg
Nett Weight 124kg
Noise Level 65db
packing Dimension 1120*900*1155mm

Technical drawing

GC 6605 Drawing

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