Car System

Car System




  • Support Android wireless connection long distance operate
  • Cameras+ software+ computer+ target = 3D animation wheel aligner
  • 5 million high definition 5 cameras
  • Packing assistant camera function
  • Exceed 24,000 database
  • Multi-Language
  • Option: housetop/ lifing hang model
  • Power: 220V • Wheel Size: 11″-23″
  • Monitor: 21.5″ • target: 4.25kg
  • Measurement and readings:1. Toe/Camber/ Caster/S.A.I (or KPI) 2. Thrust Angle/Chassis wheelbase/wheel track/Rolling Radius/ Set-Back


Patent design smart type and space saving also wifi connection

Full alloy aluminum tracking camera and movable beam  (work level 0 – 2.1 m)

  1. Monitors equipted on the door of the computer compartment
  2. Optional screen size for main monitor 32″
  3. 4 targets with universal wheel clamps 11″–23″
  4. Windows OS with Brand Canon printer
  5. Easy-to-understand symbols and easy-to-operate software
  6. Complete and up-to-date OEM specs
  7. Free 24hours online firstclass afterservice
  8. Free car specifications database update anytime
  9. 3D Animation alignment instruction make easy operate
  10. 3D measurement screen displayer with all relevant data
  11. Vehicle dimensions and wheel rolling radius measurement
  12. A-arm and cradle adjustment
Items Precision Measuring range
Front axle
Toe +/-0.02' +/-20°
Camber +/-0.02' +/-15°
Sai +/-0.02' +/-26°
Caster +/-0.02' +/-26°
Thrust angle Null Null
Rear axle
Toe +/-0.02' +/-20°
Camber +/-0.02' +/-15°
Sai Null Null
Caster Null Null
Thrust angle -/+0.02' +/-5°


Apply 4.25kg high strength plastic target5,000,000 HD camera

it can also assure accurate alignment measurement when target plates get smaller. Intelligent LED navigation system: the operator doesn’t need to check the screen for the instruction of intelligent LED navigation system and can easily complete wheel alignment.

Software Features 

Multi-Languages are available for choice

Such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Arabic, 

Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian etc.

Assistant 3D animation for adjusting

-3D animation Auxiliary adjustment function

Simple 3 D video demo are available to help the operator to adjust the wheel

Global vehicle’s database

Original vehicle database: Owning more than 25,000 original vehicle database from

 different region around the world. 

Wheel Alignment Brands