SPHERE Wheel Alignment ARP 3D DL

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Exclusive aligner with 3D targets.
Equipped with 2 space saver sensors and 4 high resistance plastic targets to detect all vehicle angles in just few seconds. Targets mounted on 4 point clamps.


  • Easy Vehicle Selection – Quick vehicle entering
  • Easy Data:
    – Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment
    – Data bank with more than 90.000 vehicle data sheets
    – Customer data bank for recording 20.000 jobs
  • Megapixel High Resolution Cameras – Keyboard with remote-control function.
  • 3DT® Target
    Exclusive 3D targets:
    – extremely light
    – no electronic components inside
    – no maintenance required.
  • Lift Level Compensation – Can be used on any 4 post or scissors lift. Automatic lift level compensation.
  • 30° RUN OUT COMPENSATION – Wheel run out quick compensation in a little space.

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