Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Tecalemit Wheel Alignment gtr50


The Trackalign GTR/50 2 Wheel Laser Alignment system is an easy to use measurement system for measuring front wheel toe (tracking). The system is designed for use in workshops and tyre shops where a quick assessment of this essential vehicle geometry measurement is required. 

Setting up on the vehicle takes a matter of seconds and reading results is a simple and quick process. Using the optional digital camber caster gauge values for KPI (SAI), caster, and camber angles can be calculated to a tolerance of +/- 0.1° 

Trackalign GTR/50 positions the measuring heads just a few centimetres off the ground, this feature allows the unit to be used with vehicles fitted with low ground clearance front spoilers, splitters and body styling kits. GTR/50 can be used on vehicles fitted with wheels ranging in size from 300 up to 620mm (dependent upon tyre aspect ratio).

The GTR/50/HD can be used on light commercial vehicles with a maximum wheel diameter of up to 890mm. Turning plates, pedal applicator, steering wheel clamp and wall mounted frame can be supplied as optional extras.

Technical Specification

  • Wheel assembly size range     300-620mm
  • Laser auto power off.
  • Low voltage indicator.
  • Low voltage power off. 9.6V NiMH (Nickel Hydride)
  • Category Battery charger12V
  • Power supply 230V
  • Measurement tolerance  +/- 0.1