SPACE Vehicle Lift SFL 5518 – 5535 – 5540


  • Low Profile – No cross rails or torsion bars between lifting platforms (for maximum accessibility in the working area). Hydraulic levelling system, by means of a patented synchronisation device, assures constantly the level of the lifting platforms regardless of weight distribution
  • Self Lubricating – All pivot points made with self lubricating bushings for long life
  • Auto Levelling – Every time the platforms reach the floor, the lift is perfectly levelled thanks to a patented valve
  • Total Safety Mechanical Lock
  • Quality Forged Components


SFL 5518 / 3000 kg – H min. = 110 mm

The minimum height from the floor guarantees easy and rapid positioning of the vehicle on the lift.

SFL 5518T / 3000 kg – H min. = 95 mm
SFL 5535 /   3500 kg – H min. = 100 mm

Extra low version. The lift is an ideal choice for low ground clearance vehicles of all types and in particular for extra low spoilers.

SFL 5540 / 4000 kg – H min. = 135 mm

High capacity model with longer lifting plates.

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