Car System

Car System

WEBER tyre Changer 1228 Monster hp expert SERIES


1228 Monster HP tire changer for cars, vans and motorcycles
  • Extremely stable machine for high throughput
  • pneumatically tiltable assembly column
  • pneumatic locking and adjustment of the mounting head with sufficient distance of the head to the rim
  • Mounting head with mounting for plastic protection elements to protect the rim
  • Clamping claws made of high-strength steel for safe clamping of the rim from inside and outside
  • Plastic protective jaws for picking up aluminum rims in the scope of delivery
  • Self-centering clamping plate up to 28 “rim size
  • 2 mounting speeds adjustable
  • additional operation of the forcing arm on the handle
  • Tire inflator and manometer on mounting pillar
  • Air injection system (booster) to shock-fill the tire via the clamping jaws with additional pressure vessel
    optional auxiliary mounting arms for mounting run flat and low profile tires
Auxiliary mounting arm HP1-XL
  • Auxiliary mounting arm on the right for mounting run flat and low profile tires
  • Actuation is via a joystick that controls a pneumatic cylinder
  • Hand guard for securing the joystick against unintentional operation
  • Sturdy hold-down roller for pressing in the tire bead behind the mounting head
  • separately height adjustable hold-down pad via thread
  • Liftrolle for lifting the tire during disassembly

Technical specifications

Rim tension outside 12"- 26"
Rim tension inside 14"-28"
Max. Wheel width 430 mm
Max. Wheel diameter 1200 mm
Compressed air connection 8 bar
Electrical connection 400V / 3Ph / 50Hz
Forcing force 2500 kg
Max. Tire inflation pressure 3.2 bar
Motor power 1.1 kW
Noise level <70dB
Dead weight approx. 310 kg

Technical drawings

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