Car System

Car System



  • automatic procedure with wheel braking and wide program selection between different balancing methods, static and dynamic balancing, as well as balancing wheels with aluminum rims
  • Laser – for precise positioning of the adhesive weights
  • 3D – automatic data transfer of the rim data
  • Microprocessor-enhanced, large TFT display
  • 5 aluminum programs, as well as a static program and a steel rim program
  • integrated software for self-test and calibration
  • automatic starting and locking of the wheel at the position of the imbalance

Technical specifications

Rim width 1,6"-16"
Rim diameter 8"-30"
Max. Wheel diameter 1080 mm
Max. Wheel weight 65 kg
Balance speed 180 rpm
Balancing time approx. 10 sec
Power supply 230V / 1Ph / 50Hz
Motor power 0.37 kW
Accurancy ±1 g
Noise level <75dB
Working temperature 0-50 ° C
Dead weight approx 146 kg

Technical drawing

Technical drawing weber

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