SPACE Wheel Balancer ER255R – ERP255R


  • Start-up by keyboard or by lowering the wheel guard
  • Possibility of inspection run with wheel guard up
  • Multi-operator function
  • ALU programs and motorcycle programs (static and dynamic)
  • Automatic ALU S and PAX programs
  • Optimisation between rim and tyre
  • Pedal brake to keep the wheel at the point of application of the weight
  • Efficiency and money saving. Modern balancing system to minimise wheel weights consumption. Faster balancing thanks to less wheel spins and repositionning.


ER 255R

Color monitor TFT 19”. FPGA card.
Automatic measurement of distance and diameter up to 26” through digital calliper with optical sensor.

ERP 255R

Pneumatic locking of the wheel.

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